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Our favorite resources for everything vintage

Here are some of our favorite resources for everything vintage; from hair styling supplies and accessories to vintage clothing and sources for inspiration. Please let us know if there is a website you think should be on the list!

Vintage Hair Accessories

  • This place has so many wonderful and unique flowers for your hair.

Inspiration for Hair Ideas

  • Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen
  • A site full, and I mean FULL, of 100s of photographs of starlets and full biographies on each one. And it does pay to be a member of this site!

Vintage Clothing

  • My Baby Jo
  • This shop is based in LA, but ships all over the world. Darla and company have an amazing selection of reproduction clothing from many companies available.
  • Viva La Vintage
  • This shop is chock full of vintage clothing and accessories. It also gets high marks for style. The owners have great taste in offerings!
  • Pin-up Girl Clothing
  • A huge selection of the vintage look in reproduction clothing so you don't have to search high and low for something that will fit a modern girl.

Vintage Things

  • Deadly Night Shades
  • Save money by buying cheap lamps at the thrift store and then splurge on these custom lampshades. They make your living room retro in an instant!

Pretty Pin-Ups

  • The Pin-up Post
  • This is a fun interactive website to see lots of perfect pin-up photography.
  • Lana Landis
  • An amazing combination of elements, music, and photography creates a really fun website to take you back in time.

Beautiful Burlesque

  • Burlesque As It Was
  • Along with a very talented burlesque troop, you will find a beautiful book written by Vivienne VaVoom on the history of and the new Burlesque movement.

Interesting Information Resources

  • Craig's Big Bands and Big Names
  • I came across this website in a search for my before-my-time crush Johnnie Ray. It has oodles of information on amazing singers and musicians from the 40s through the 60s.

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